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Enterprise culture construction:

"Mutual benefit, coexistence and common future"is the goal of the company, and also is the company's business philosophy. Over the years, the company always adhere to the business philosophy"mutual benefit, coexistence and common future",with the high quality and good efficient, pioneering and innovative spirit, good business ethics, thoughtful service and reasonable prices, our company won the trust of customers at home and abroad and their support.

After many years' hard work and struggle, the brand "Nanjing Zhongqing" had occupied the leading position in the industry. The products of Nanjing Zhongqing have already begun to take in fine style, the company will continue to intensify the development of new products, focus on customer needs, meet the needs of the customers. Study together, grow together.

Nanjing Zhongqing is willing to work with domestic equipment manufacturing factory together to revitalize national industry, to contribute to developing the high precision equipments.

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