NC flying saw




NC flying saw

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Brief introduction:
Pipe exiting from sizing unit advances at pipe welding speed and enters flying saw trolley via flying saw speed detector. Since flying saw cutting is performed during movement, cutting in motion must track pipe moving speed. Therefore, the cutting device is mounted on flying saw trolley, which is equipped with four wheels to roll along the rail on flying saw bed frame. The trolley itself is hinged with the rack of flying saw drive device and is powered by drive motor to make reciprocate movement. The drive motor control the motor to make forward or reverse rotation according to encoder feed back signal.
Reciprocate movement of the trolley is controlled by cut-to-length signal, while computer controls forward or reverse rotation of the motor, which in turn drives movement along pipe moving direction through reducer and rack. When the trolley travels in pace with the moving pipe and maintains in pace, the computer will make accurate calculation, and when preset cut-to-length is reached, clamping air cylinder will extend to clamp the pipe tightly, meanwhile, the cutting air cylinder to commanded to operate. Cutting saw will return after finishing cutting. After returning into position, the trolley will be signaled to restore original position. The whole cutting operation is controlled by proximity switch, air cylinder, gear & rack drive, and photoelectric encoder.
The pipe will enter into cutting position after welding. Cutting trolley is driven by DC motor of low inertia, reducer, cardan shaft, gear & rack. The detection roll pressed onto the work piece drives rotation of rotary encoder for length measurement and speed detection. Tracking system responds quickly in short time to track pipe welding speed accurately to perform cut-to-length as preset. Control system monitors flying saw operation status and adjusts inline parameters according to operation waveform. Drive module uses Siemens 6RA28. Flying saw bed frame uses cylindrical guide rail structure.
【 Detailed description 】

NC flying saw can be customized to cut different profile according to customer needs.

Pipe cutting diameter

Profile sheet thickness

δ1.0~δ16 mm

Cutting cycle

Above 10 cycles/min


5~30 m

Feed-to-length accuracy

±3 mm
Saw disc size
Customized according to pipe cutting diameter
Traveling motor
Customized according to pipe cutting diameter
Traveling reducer
Customized according to pipe cutting diameter
Clamping air cylinder
Customized according to pipe cutting diameter
Cutting air cylinder
Customized according to pipe cutting diameter
Air storage tank
Customized according to pipe cutting diameter
Air supply pressure
Customized according to pipe cutting diameter
Cutting motor
Customized according to pipe cutting diameter

Equipment composition

Consist of bed frame, cutting trolley, clamping mechanism and drive system.


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